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Thomas Mcguire, the film's director.

"The Struggle" is a 2012 THEULTIMATESORAFAN productions film. It's directed by Thomas Mcguire. It stars Derrick Adams and Laine Johnson. Adams plays Erick Stayer. And Johnson plays Anna Suaine. The plot of "The Struggle" is that Erick Stayer (Derrick Adams) got his best friend, Anna Suaine (Laine Johnson) fired from her work. Erick got her fired by pressuring her into going to a late night party and missing work. Anna doesn't like the idea. She says that she'll miss work. Errick says that she needs to have a fun life not a boring one. "Come on! The party is at eleven and your shift starts at eleven thirty. I'll get you back by eleven thirty. You won't miss work!" Erick Stayer says. So then Anna finally agrees and the two go to the party. The two have a really fun time and Anna forgets about the party. After the party, Anna remembers and they rush over to Anna's work. Anna ultimately gets fired. So Erick feels bad because he practically got her fired. So he does some wacky things to get her job back. Also, Joselph Hierheimer had a cameo as the man in the park. The film was wildly popular with 21,000,000 tickets sold in the first week.