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Erriz Alword on set of "The Struggle"

Erriz Alword was THEULTIMATESORAFANINC.'s wizard. He wasn't a real wizard, due to the fact that magic isn't real. He was a tech master and a con man. In 2011, Alword helped film the movie, "The Struggle." Alword was hired when he said he could use magic to film, light, and create special effects for the movie. Instead of using magic, Alword used a flashlight under his wizard's robes to light the movie, a crystal with a camera inside of it, which he said records thing using magic, to film the movie, and used a WIZARD brand laptop to make special effects. The last day of the making of the movie, the crew had to film a bonus scene for the blu-ray edition of the dvd. In the last few minutes of filming, the director asked Alword to raise his "Lighting Powers" to show more light on the scene. When Alword raised his hand with the flashlight in it, it slipped, and smashed into his crystal ball camera which was on a stand. Everyone looked down at the camera and flashlight for a moment. After a while Derrick Adams looked at Alword and said, "WOW, I DOUBTED YOU BEING A WIZARD AND ALL, BUT NOW I'M CONVINCED. I HAVEN'T SEEN ANYONE MAKE A CAMERA AND FLASHLIGHT APPEAR OUT OF MID-AIR." Alword Realized that he only had a moment before they figured out he was a fraud, so he grabbed a smoke machine which he disguised as a magical device that spreads magic around in the air. After laying a thick layer of smoke, Alword made his escape. In the false smoke, Alword tripped on his fake wizards staff but wasn't injured. Alword stumbled around the effects department and got tangled in his "magical" yarn. The crew found him ten hours later and called the police.Alword almost tricked the cops into letting him make the car fly with magic but Alword's fake beard fell off before they got out of the car. A few days later, Erriz was in court. In court, Alword's appearance was dramatically different than his days on set. It was revieled that Alword had committed his scam not only on the crew of "The Struggle" but also on the movie "Titanic" and "Mr. Bean's Holiday." Alword plead guilty and laughed the whole duration of the court session. Alword excaped the court as soon as the police came to take him to jail. He threw a smoke bomb at the ground and ran. He hasn't been heard of since.

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Alword in court.